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Staff Accomodation, Jebel Ali

  • Location Jebel Ali Industrial, Dubai
  • Sector Residential
  • Client M/s Jazal Holding
  • Contract Period 10 Months
  • Consultant Free line Engineering Consultants
  • Status Ongoing
  • Capability General Contracting
  • Built_area 6,400 sqm

Jazal had grown in terms of inhouse manpower across regions and in terms of providing quality housing as living spaces with high efficiency for employees and with better specifications than a traditional workers housing, in terms of lighting, ventilation, appropriate distribution of services and providing the largest number of services and means of entertainment for our team. G+4 Bachelor accommodation on plot number 5997506 with an area of 1,212.62 sqm, at Jebel Ali was built by parent company to serve the objective. Concrete cast in situ structure with ground floor parking, 76 rooms plus dining & kitchen areas, with all finishes and MEP works; can accommodate up to 550 staffs. Objective was to construct a staff housing building with standards specifications and services that contribute significantly to providing a high-end living environment for employees, which is reflected in the required employee satisfaction.