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Electro Mechanical Contracting

Jazal Engineering has developed inhouse team to handle MEP solutions to control quality and deliver projects timebound.We undertake jobs from design, engineering, sourcing, to installation,testing & commissioning services for all types of projects following local authorities regulations & approvals.Inhouse team improves the dynamics of fast-track schedules and implementing rigorous construction standards.With wide range of capabilities our Clients benefit in coordination and installation,cost control.We provide state-of-the-art MEP System Integration services using the most up-to-date CAD & BIM modelling, all while adhering to local authorities regulations.

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We offer turnkey solutions for the design and execution of centralised HVAC installations to provide a “conditioned and controlled environment” to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) in accordance with ASHRAE and international standards.

Plumbing & Sanitation Systems

We have a qualified team to assure durable Plumbing & Drainage System for water supply and drainage systems.We handle works ranging from Sanitary Installation, PVC, PPR, HDPE & Copper piping, Water filtration & Recycling systems to Pumping & Irrigation systems

Fire Protection System

We offer reliable fire protection and security systems with NFPA, ISI and UL approved Pumps & Sprinkler systems, Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems, Clean Agent Systems, Deluge & Foam Systems adhering to the local authority regulations.

Gas & Fuel Systems

Experienced team handles Gas & fuel systems (LPG/Gasoline/Diesel) for residential and industrial facilities with best safety practices adhering to the local authority regulations.

Refrigeration & Cold Solutions

We design, build and maintain refrigeration equipments for retail, hospitality and pharma clients with Counters,multidecks and islands cabinets (Plug-in & Remote)and cold rooms (Freezer & Chiller)

HV & LV Installations

We offer turnkey design, procurement, testing and commissioning of MV, LV & HV systems to fulfil electrical requirements that are project specific as per the design intent to deliver desired results with minimum disruption.

Power Distribution Systems

Our reliable team handles installation of equipment including Switchgears, Transformers,RMUs and Capacitor Banks with cable laying and final connections to utility feeders with all necessary approvals.

ELV Systems

We provide implementation and management of ELV Systems including LAN & WAN Systems, CCTV, Access Control, Telephones and Public Address Systems integrated to provide world class ICT solutions.

Building Management Systems

We offer building automation & management controls that enable centralised control, monitoring and management of facilities effectively.

Fire Detection Systems

We offer reliable fire detection systems with NFPA, ISI and UL approved components to monitor and detect smoke & fire with Voice evacuation and CO detection systems adhering to the local authority regulations.

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