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Building Rewarding Partnerships

At Jazal Engineering, We recognise that our vendors add substantial value to us, our partners, and our customers, and we consider that maintaining good relationships with reliable vendors will allow us to retain our competitiveness over time. We have a long-standing reputation for being reliable and responsible. Our partnerships in the supply chain deliver high quality and durable products to fulfil project specifications.

We collaborate with our suppliers in the innovation process to develop efficient alternatives that allow us to complete projects on time and within budget. As key stakeholders in the value chain, these ambitions can only be achieved through beneficial, strong relationships. At Jazal, we do our procurement in a transparent manner, in which suppliers are chosen fairly and given equal opportunity to work with us.

We have incorporated our procurement plans with local manufacturers listing their products suiting our project specifications in our commitment to promote domestic industries and achieve economic value for products.We comply and maximise opportunities in associating with Initiatives like Make it in the Emirates, ICV, Iktva, Nusaned,Bena and others.These initiatives also aid to provide better after sales support to our clients and reducing lead time in obtaining the materials

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  • Digital Supply Chain

We Procure Valueand We deliver Value.

Our Procurement DNA relies on delivering Value, By Value it just doesn’t mean purchase cost, but also input costs over the lifetime including financing and depreciation, maintenance, energy and so on. For us Value based sourcing includes the high quality, reliable and timebound deliveries.To assure sourcing from the right suppliers at right price for the right quality and within the specified time, we take our suppliers through a pre-qualification process that assesses their capability to supply goods & materials that fulfill project quality specifications on a consistently.We have developed benchmarks for all of our suppliers that would like to associate with us, all prospective vendors who seek to be part of our value chain must be the best possible choice, who are reliable and competent. Our quality control systems ensure that vendors follow the international construction standards and regulations.Construction sector is constantly evolving, and it is our responsibility to explore out reliable channels of products, services, and equipment to fulfill the needs of our clients and their projects.Sound knowledge of industry codes and standards is required to identify nonconforming quality and manufacturing issues before they have a chance to impact a project. Also minimizing bottlenecks and improving products, prices, quality and service, thereby benefiting all parties.

Together We Build.

As Subcontractors, we form a team to deliver projects timebound meeting client expectations, as it is key to the success of the project. Our service providers will also be part of the Jazal way of delivering quality and safety standards To keep in line with our standards.As a result, we are highly selective about who we deal with and have rigorous standards and quality control systems in place to assure that the reliable sub contractors are engaged in our projects.Visits to sites, factories and facilities, as well as interviews with employees and customer feedback, are all part of the evaluation process.

We analyse performance of service providers for continuous improvement and upgrades. Our outsourcing strategy contribute to success of our projects making us selective about who we pick as service providers.Over years we had built a team of partners to execute with a promise of long term association, we assure our partners with:

Prospects for Continuous Work Engagements & Contracts

Fair Terms & Conditions

Mutually beneficial associations

Flexible payment and delivery terms

We are proud of the expertise, experience, and dedication that our suppliers and contractors offer to each project. We are looking for professional contractors that can deliver the scope of works on time.We endeavour to treat everyone fairly and equally, creating a level playing field and adhering to the industry's highest ethical standards. To suit our demands, we are looking for suppliers and contractors that are interested in offering the following goods and services. By working with us, your company will have an entry to the most prominent projects in the region. Together, we deliver excellence.

Built on Technology

We rely on SAP Ariba and Xpedeon to streamline our procurement activities, end to end with a reliable sourcing platform we provide all our partners level playing field. This allows us to rely on data and analyse the same to improve the efficiency.BIM and Software quantity take off based sourcing had aided to reduce wastage and aligned with our lean philosophy.Our Cloud based system are scalable allows to import data, detail Scope of works and send invitations to contractors and will be able to cater multiple projects within minimal time to arrange comparisons and finalise potential vendors.Implemented evaluation system helps to mitigate any potential risks in failure to deliver and quality issues.All our digital assets contribute to complete projects on time and within budget.Our continous investments in improving process and system added better communication and visibility between different partners and vendors to understand technical details and Scope better.Our Digital Supply Chain focus reduced the burden of tracking items between its purchase and receipt while also providing clarity into the stages of procurement to all stakeholders.

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