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Jazal Engineering is dedicated to provide healthy and safe workplace and to conduct business operation by protecting the environment and investing in overall well-being of all our people, clients, subcontractors, and communities.We have a vision of building a better future, that encourages us to contribute more across environment, people, communities, corporate performance, and governance.From conventional EHS framework we are aligning business towards ESG guidelines and goals set.We understand that our engagement with all stakeholders, including our people, suppliers, subcontractors, and local communities, is key to implement ESG. We strive for governance excellence by remaining focused,engaged and optimised by encouraging our people to solve challenges and grab opportunities that make the planet a better place to live in.

Environmental Sustainability

We start to plan before we break ground for minimising impact on nature, be it restoring flora and fauna or rehabilitation of habitat for all species around our construction site. Our focus to minimise impact on climate, maintaining water & air quality, Solid & liquid waste management and noise & dust management helps us to maintain safe work environment.We make best effort to achieve a equilibrium between responsible construction and environmental preservation.Our best practices helps in improving building energy efficiency, power savings, minimising carbon emission and encouraging recycling and reusing to have a positive impact on planet.

Social Responsibility

We understand that functioning in a responsible way adds value to our people and communities where we operate.our EHS professionals assess the risk, design and conduct training programs by actively involving all stakeholders and monitoring all activities to ensure effective management of all elements of health and safety at work.Our safety culture has been built from the top down, and these principles have been reinforced into our organisation since day one to safeguard the wellbeing of our people.Most of our projects provides utilities and community spaces that have beneficial influence on local communities by providing spaces and amenities.

Governance Excellence

Jazal Engineering’s governance DNA is built on integrity and transparency. We have established framework, policies and procedures with a reporting system on governance issues ranging from enterprise risk management, EHS practice, anti-bribery and corruption, cybersecurity, an ethical code of conduct, civil rights, to modern slavery.We have put in place an internal governance framework that blends sustainability goals into our vision, which has helped to accelerate decision making and clarity on roles and obligations.