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We, at Jazal, understand cost management and its importance in the lean operation philosophy we follow. In order to have a robust cost management system we follow a digital supply chain that helps us to organise the supply chain and manage our budgets efficiently.By Value it just doesn’t mean purchase cost, but also input costs over the lifetime including financing and depreciation, maintenance, energy and so on. For us Value based sourcing includes the high quality, reliable and timebound deliveries.We begin with the pre-construction phase, wherein we aim to communicate and cooperate with the whole engineering team,Right from preparation of estimations and cost control budgets with quotes from suppliers and historic data,enables us to review the budget, schedule and plan for controlling costs throughout the life of the project.Our robust backend system offers functionality to facilitate in the planning, monitoring and execution of projects while following cost controls, track assets, resource allocations and generate reports to provide more accurate project performance indicators to the leadership team.Our Cost Management Process helps to drive down the cost of construction for our clients

  • Cost Estimation – We assess quantitative costs of the manpower,material and overheads required for the project.
  • Resource Planning – We allocate best resources required to execute projects from managerial to supervisory staff with experience handling jobs of similar scale and assets required.
  • Cost Budgeting – We prepare financial plan and allocate budgets for accomplishing project deliverables
  • Cost Control – We make sure the budget is followed to deliver best value for end users.
  • Value Engineering – We incorporate value engineering into our construction process, benefiting our clients in terms of cost.